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We specialize in chimney water leak repair and have the tools, products, and know-how to keep water out of your chimney for good.

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Water Damage Repair

Along the Gulf Coast, we have some pretty epic thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other moisture-producing weather events. Therefore, it’s no wonder that chimney leaks spring up from time to time.

But when the leak is in your home, you want a solution that will effectively stop the leak… and you want it fast.

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Flash Repair & FlashSeal

Metal flashing is one of the chimney’s best defenses against leaks, but when it’s poorly installed or damaged, it’s one of the first places we see leaks spring up. Water leaks can lead to expensive repairs, best to schedule repairs when they are noticed. To keep water out of this vulnerable area of your home, have your flashing replaced or installed by our team. We don’t just provide expert installation — we also offer FlashSeal water protection. 

Chimney Caps

Because the chimney flue extends up past the chase, it requires protection — otherwise, raindrops will barrel down into your flue every time it rains. That’s what caps are for! Installing a proper chimney cap will resolve a lot of issues with animals and weather. We install copper caps, chimney pots, and multi-flue caps, so whatever the size, shape, or number of flues your chimney has, we can help you keep water out of your flue for good.

Crown Repairs

The cement area at the top of your chimney is known as the crown. The crown can take a beating, especially storm and storm. Is your crown keeping water out of the chimney or is it time to have it repaired or replaced? We can help with repairing cracked and deteriorating crowns. Also, using CrownSeal to protect the crown against future water leaks and water-related damage could save you thousands in larger repairs.

Chimney Sweep
New Orleans Louisiana

Chimney Sweep New Orleans

We service New Orleans Louisiana as a premier source for fireplace services and products. Specializing in everything from chimney sweeping, chimney inspections, chimney caps & chase covers to chimney liners, masonry repairs, waterproofing, and animal removals, we are sure to have the solution to your fireplace needs.


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“I love these guys very much. They came out within a week of calling for repairing our issues.”

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“Got my chimney cleaned. Looks like they did a good job. Highly recommended.”

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“Great job. They are very personable. We contact them and got same-day service. Highly recommended.”

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We specialize in chimney water leak repair and have the tools, products, and know-how to keep water out of your chimney for good. Contact us by filling out the required information here...

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